Kime Family Archive And Genealogy Project

We will not be forgotten!

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The Kime Family Archive and Genealogical Project was started in late 2005, by Thom Kime, to meet a number of goals for the Kime Family members whom are descendants of Abraham Keim/Kime and Barbara Noel Kime.

 Find Kime relatives and reconnect.

 Establish a Kime Family Network.

 Record and preserve family history.

 Eventually make it all available online.

This provides a central source for any manner of family information that YOU the family members can use or even contribute to so that you can insure that your leg of the family gets recorded for present and future generations.

The offline Archive contains scores of photos, wills, obituaries, funeral service pamphlets, census records, birth certificates, diplomas, military records, Social Security Death Index records, baptism records and even old newspaper articles and itís all about YOUR FAMILY. Enjoy!

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